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Kokum Floral

Kokum Floral Art Travel Pillow with Hood

Kokum Floral Art Travel Pillow with Hood

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Experience comfort and support on your travels with the Kokum Floral Art Travel Pillow. The ergonomic neck cushion, made with memory foam and a fleece cover, provides personalized neck support. Featuring a beautiful floral design, adjustable rope lock and hood, this pillow is perfect for travellers seeking both style and functionality.

Upgrade your sleep and relaxation with our innovative hooded design. This unique feature not only protects you from light but also offers privacy from prying eyes. With the curved U-shaped design, this memory foam travel pillow can fix your neck naturally and prevent the head side slip. Curved shape design at both sides makes your face feel more comfortable; Heightened front-end could better support your chin, prevents the head from leaning down too much. Adjustable straps help you use the travel pillows always in a most suitable size and better wrap your neck to relieve neck pain during long haul flights.

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